2023 NFL Playoff Outlook: Week 14 Standings, 49ers Secure First Playoff Spot

The NFL playoff picture is currently a maze of possibilities, with the race to the postseason in full swing as Week 14 comes to a close. This season’s AFC landscape is particularly chaotic, featuring 11 teams with winning records and six sitting at 7-6, making it one of the most competitive conferences in decades. Meanwhile, the NFC is not without its own intrigue, with five teams at 6-7, three of which hail from the NFC South.

Let’s break down the current standings and take a closer look at what each contender faces in the aftermath of Week 14.

AFC Playoff Picture

1. Baltimore Ravens (10-3)
The Ravens currently lead the AFC North by a comfortable margin and occupy the top seed in the conference.

Remaining schedule: vs. Jaguars, vs. 49ers, vs. Dolphins, vs. Steelers

2. Miami Dolphins (9-4)
Miami sits as the second seed in the AFC but missed a chance to claim the top spot with a recent loss to the Titans. A crucial matchup against the Ravens awaits in Week 17.

Remaining schedule: vs. Jets, vs. Cowboys, at Ravens, vs. Bills

3. Kansas City Chiefs (8-5)
Despite a recent loss to the Bills, the Chiefs hold the AFC West’s top spot, with a one-game lead over the Broncos.

Remaining schedule: at Patriots, vs. Raiders, vs. Bengals, at Chargers

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5)
The Jaguars maintain their position as the fourth seed in the AFC, although they lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to the Chiefs.

Remaining schedule: vs. Ravens, at Buccaneers, vs. Panthers, at Titans

5. Cleveland Browns (8-5)
The Browns occupy the fifth seed in the AFC, holding a one-game lead for the final playoff spot and trailing the AFC North leaders by two games.

Remaining schedule: vs. Bears, at Texans, vs. Jets, at Bengals

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6)
Pittsburgh currently ranks as the sixth seed in the AFC, boasting the most tiebreakers among the crowded 7-6 field.

Remaining schedule: at Colts, vs. Bengals, at Seahawks, at Ravens

7. Indianapolis Colts (7-6)
The Colts hold the seventh seed in the AFC and possess the tiebreaker over the Texans, securing their place in the playoff hunt.

Remaining schedule: vs. Steelers, at Falcons, vs. Raiders, vs. Texans

8. Houston Texans (7-6)
Houston maintains its position as the eighth seed in the AFC, but they miss the playoffs due to the Colts’ tiebreaker.

Remaining schedule: at Titans, vs. Browns, vs. Titans, at Colts

9. Denver Broncos (7-6)
The Broncos are the ninth seed, holding a tiebreaker edge over the Bills and Bengals.

Remaining schedule: at Lions, vs. Patriots, vs. Chargers, at Raiders

10. Cincinnati Bengals (7-6)
Cincinnati currently ranks as the tenth seed in the AFC, locked in a competitive battle for the final playoff spot.

Remaining schedule: vs. Vikings, at Steelers, at Chiefs, vs. Browns

11. Buffalo Bills (7-6)
Despite a recent win over the Chiefs, the Bills are the eleventh seed in the AFC due to tiebreakers.

Remaining schedule: vs. Cowboys, at Chargers, vs. Patriots, at Dolphins

12. Los Angeles Chargers (5-8)
The Chargers occupy the twelfth seed in the AFC and face a challenging path to the playoffs.

Remaining schedule: at Raiders, vs. Bills, at Broncos, vs. Chiefs

13. Las Vegas Raiders (5-8)
Las Vegas sits as the thirteenth seed in the AFC, trailing in the playoff race.

Remaining schedule: vs. Chargers, at Chiefs, at Colts, vs. Broncos

14. New York Jets (5-8)
The Jets are the fourteenth seed in the AFC, facing an uphill battle to secure a playoff spot.

Remaining schedule: at Dolphins, vs. Commanders, at Browns, at Patriots

15. Tennessee Titans (5-8)
The Titans occupy the fifteenth seed in the AFC, with slim chances of making the playoffs.

Remaining schedule: vs. Texans, vs. Seahawks, at Texans, vs. Jaguars

16. New England Patriots (3-10)
The Patriots have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Remaining schedule: vs. Chiefs, at Broncos, at Bills, vs. Jets

NFC Playoff Picture

1. San Francisco 49ers (10-3)
The 49ers hold the top seed in the NFC, securing a playoff spot and setting the pace in the conference.

Remaining schedule: at Cardinals, vs. Ravens, at Commanders, vs. Rams

2. Dallas Cowboys (10-3)
Dallas leads the NFC East and currently ranks as the second seed in the conference.

Remaining schedule: at Bills, at Dolphins, vs. Lions, at Commanders

3. Detroit Lions (9-4)
The Lions are the third seed in the NFC, leading the NFC North by a comfortable margin.

Remaining schedule: vs. Broncos, at Vikings, vs. Cowboys, at Vikings

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7)
Tampa Bay leads the NFC South and is the fourth seed, thanks to a recent win over the Falcons.

Remaining schedule: at Packers, vs. Jaguars, vs. Saints, at Panthers

5. Philadelphia Eagles (10-3)
The Eagles are in the midst of a tight NFC East race and are currently the fifth seed in the NFC.

Remaining schedule: at Seahawks, vs. Giants, vs. Cardinals, at Giants

6. Minnesota Vikings (7-6)
Minnesota holds the sixth seed in the NFC, part of a crowded 6-6 group vying for playoff spots.

Remaining schedule: at Bengals, vs. Lions, vs. Packers, at Lions

7. Green Bay Packers (6-7)
Despite a recent loss to the Giants, the Packers maintain the seventh seed in the NFC playoff race.

Remaining schedule: vs. Buccaneers, at Panthers, at Vikings, vs. Bears

8. Los Angeles Rams (6-7)
The Rams are the eighth seed in the NFC, holding the division record tiebreaker over the Seahawks.

Remaining schedule: vs. Commanders, vs. Saints, at Giants, at 49ers

9. Seattle Seahawks (6-7)
Seattle ranks as the ninth seed in the NFC, trailing in the playoff race but holding tiebreakers over Atlanta and New Orleans.

Remaining schedule: vs. Eagles, at Titans, vs. Steelers, at Cardinals

10. Atlanta Falcons (6-7)
The Falcons are part of a tight NFC South race and currently hold the tenth seed, trailing the Buccaneers.

Remaining schedule: at Panthers, vs. Colts, at Bears, at Saints

11. New Orleans Saints (6-7)
New Orleans is also in the mix for the NFC South crown but trails the Buccaneers and Falcons.

Remaining schedule: vs. Giants, at Rams, at Buccaneers, vs. Falcons

12. New York Giants (5-8)
The Giants are the twelfth seed in the NFC and