WATCH: Braves Pitcher Spencer Strider Idiotically Says That Fans Should Not Be Allowed At Games

Atlanta Braves ace Spencer Strider shared an insane opinion that has angered baseball fans everywhere. 

During an interview with MLB Fits, Strider explained that he would prefer if fans were NOT allowed at baseball games!!

“Absolutely, there should be no fans, 2020 season, no fans,” Strider said. “Get rid of the fans, it’s too loud. It’s too loud, everybody be quiet. We don’t need the cheering. We know you’re watching. I don’t need the fans.”

Strider would continue, saying that if fans are to be allowed in stadiums, they should be far away from the players and keep quiet.

“You stay out of the stadium, I mean, back it up. Let’s do a no lower-bowl thing … Upper decks, great. Outfield, phenomenal. We don’t need you around the dugouts. Just try and be quiet.”

This is an asinine take that has angered the baseball world. 

The 24-year-old Strider is having a great season, leading the majors with 19 wins and 274 strikeouts while maintaining a 3.81 ERA.

However, someone should ask Strider if he enjoys getting paid an enormous amount of money to play baseball…

If so, I wonder if he realizes that players are able to make the type of money that they do in large part because of fans buying tickets to attend games. (Not to mention spending tons of money on overpriced merchandise and concessions.)

It was an extremely out-of-touch take by Strider. Period.

The Braves are the best team in baseball and are favorites to win the World Series. They are one of the best-supported teams in the Majors and average the fifth-largest home crowd attendance in all of baseball, with over 39,000 fans per game. 

Now, there’s always the chance that Strider was just kidding – and I’m sure that’s what he’ll end up saying. After all, he did deliver his comments with a Larry David-ish tone.

However, if he really meant it, it truly is one of the dumbest things a player has said.

Even if you feel that way, read the room and keep it to yourself.

What are your thoughts on Strider’s comments???