Virginia Running Back Carted Off And Transported to Hospital After Alarming Helmet-to-Helmet Hit (VIDEO)

Virginia Cavaliers running back Perris Jones faced a concerning situation during Thursday’s game against Louisville when he suffered a helmet-to-helmet hit in the late third quarter, resulting in his being carted off the field.

The incident occurred during a 2nd-and-27 play when Jones received a short pass from Anthony Colandrea. Unfortunately, multiple defenders from the Louisville Cardinals delivered a hard hit to his head, causing the ball to come loose. Despite the fumble, Cavaliers wide receiver Malik Washington seized the opportunity, returning the ball for a touchdown. However, the focus quickly shifted to Jones’ well-being.

Following the hit, Jones was promptly carted off the field and transported to a hospital. As of now, there has been no immediate update on his condition.

Our thoughts are with Perris Jones, and we hope for a swift and complete recovery. The entire football community is sending positive vibes to him and the Virginia Cavaliers during this challenging time.