Home NCAA Urban Meyer Drools Over Ohio State’s Talent: Is He Considering A Coaching Comeback??

Urban Meyer Drools Over Ohio State’s Talent: Is He Considering A Coaching Comeback??

Urban Meyer Drools Over Ohio State’s Talent: Is He Considering A Coaching Comeback??
(Source: buckeyeswire.usatoday.com)

During his time at Ohio State, Urban Meyer left an indelible mark on the football program, coaching some of the most explosive and high-powered offenses in college football history.

His reputation was equally established during his tenure at Florida. However, Meyer’s recent statement about the current talent level of this year’s Buckeyes has raised eyebrows and sparked much excitement. 

“It kind of happened to me at Florida,” Meyer reflected during an interview on “The Herd.” “We started recruiting speed, and I always made a comment I want to be the fastest team in America.”

“Then you get good news or bad news. The good news is you have the most talented players in the country. Bad news, they got to touch the ball. So you have to get that ball in their hands.”

Meyer’s words underscored the delicate balance between talent and strategy. It was a conundrum he had faced before, but he was quick to clarify that the shift towards explosive playmakers didn’t mean sacrificing physicality.

“I’m not saying Ohio State’s less physical, but I’m saying you have a group, and you are correct, Brian Hartline has recruited, and I did this a long time, I’ve never seen the level that the quarterback and receivers are recruited at Ohio State right now.”

Meyer emphasized the need for creativity and adaptability: “Everyone’s a first-round draft pick, everyone’s a five-star, but you have to get the ball in their hands.”

“The good thing is they are loaded at tailback this year too. But I would not say that it turns into a finesse game. But it turns into a game that you got to be creative whether it’d be hand it to him, throw to him, throw screens to him. Your job as a head coach is to get the best players the ball.”

As the upcoming season looms, the Buckeyes found themselves facing a new quarterback challenge. But the wide receiver unit was nothing short of staggering, boasting an array of talent that included Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Egbuka, and Julian Fleming.

In the backfield, Miyan Williams and TreVeyon Henderson added to the formidable arsenal.

The combination of speed, talent, and the strategic vision to make the most of it has once again made Ohio State legitimate national championship contenders.

Getting back to Meyer.. Listening to the passion in his voice when discussing college football, and considering his relatively young age, do you think he’ll dive back into the coaching world anytime soon?



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