The Honeymoon’s OVER In Philly: Fans Are Sick & Tired Of Eagles All-Talk No-Action Approach … Are The Birds A Fake Team??

Despite their strong 10-3 record, it’s clear that the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t the same team as last year and quarterback Jalen Hurts seems to have regressed. 

There’s still time to find their groove and momentum, however, in the big picture something just seems a little off. 

For a number of reasons, things have been a struggle this season and a lot of that has to do with the fact that Philly hasn’t been able to play from ahead (“on script”) as much as they did last year. 

Regardless, we know the talent is there – but the clock is ticking.

All-Pro center Jason Kelce is one of the most respected leaders on the team. He’s beginning to sound like a broken-record, delivering the same message week-after-week of how the team is not playing anywhere near their potential.

It shouldn’t be overlooked that a lot of these statements have come after wins – and at the end of the day, winning is the only thing that matters.

However, with back-to-back ugly losses to the 49ers and Cowboys, the alarm has sounded. 

Speaking after Sunday’s debacle in Dallas, Kelce sung a familiar tune.

“We can play much better than we are playing now,” he said.

However, this sentiment is nothing new for Eagles fans who have grown accustomed to hearing similar promises in the face of disappointing outcomes.

The repeated assurances from players and coaches that the team can perform better have worn thin on the loyal fan base.

This was never clearer than on social media where Philly fans made it clear that they want actions and results – not words. 

“They’ve been saying this every single week of the season. It’s looking like we were more fortunate to have won the games we have won than anything else right now. I have seen regression offensively as well as defensively … When will we start seeing improvement?”

“Too bad the team isn’t equally as fired up. It is clear he has lost the locker room and it’s time for this coaching staff to go. Where is the anger or sense of urgency? This level of talent with a competent, NFL caliber coaching staff would be something to be in awe of #eagles.”

“I called this weeks ago..u eagles fans think that dickhead of a coach acting like a punk 12 year old is cool..I said when the losses start u all won’t think that dickhead is cool ..and look now.”

“They’ve been saying all season that they need to play better.”

“Every week … Same difference.”

“Kelce should’ve retired after last season.”

“Blah, blah, blah. Show me don’t tell me.”

What are your thoughts on the Eagles?

Are you surprised that (some) fans are beginning to turn on Kelce and the team?

Will they be able to fix their issues in time for the playoffs?

In the big picture, are they nothing but pretenders this season?

Or is all of this panic just a whole bunch of overreacting???