REPORT: Justin Verlander’s “Diva Attitude” Pissed Off Max Scherzer & Others

The Houston Astros are thrilled beyond the moon that their adopted son, Justin Verlander, has returned to their club.

Verlander’s reputation around the league was thought to be spotless. However, according to a new report, there may be more than meets the eye.

Following the blockbuster trades that saw the Mets send-off Verlander and Scherzer at the trade deadline, fresh insights have emerged shedding light on what seems to be troubled waters behind the scenes. 

According to a report in the New York Post, Verlander allegedly had a “diva” demeanor which complicated relationships within the clubhouse.

An anonymous player accused Verlander of being a diva who maintained an aloof stance from his Mets teammates.

According to the source, Verlander voiced grievances about the Mets analytics department, asserting that it paled poorly in comparison to the resources he had during his previous stint in Houston.

The spotlight also turned toward the relationship between Verlander and Scherzer, who found themselves traded to different teams. Having previously been teammates with the Detroit Tigers, the pair of future Hall of Famers occasionally clashed.

Scherzer reportedly voiced frustration about Verlander’s attitude. Despite the challenges, the source noted there were efforts to work towards “harmony.”

The narrative further hinted at the possibility of diminished veteran mentorship compared to the previous season. Scherzer and former Mets starter Chris Bassitt had purportedly been forthcoming with guidance for younger pitchers last year.

However, there was an apparent dive in the “vibe” this season.

Some speculate that these issues might be attributed to chemistry concerns. While last year’s Mets clinched a playoff berth, this year’s team has been the most disappointing in all of baseball.

Expected to be World Series contenders, the 2023 Mets have been an absolute disaster. 

Fortunately for them, both Verlander and Scherzer appear to be thriving in their new environments. Interestingly, they both find themselves on rival Texas teams duking it out for supremacy in the ultra-competitive AL West. both find themselves in the competitive AL West

Reflecting on his failed time in New York, Verlander spoke about how the team’s slow start helped doom them.

“We kind of got off on the wrong foot. Everything that could go wrong did early,” he said. “Even though we started playing some good baseball at times, we never really hit our stride where we were kind of banging on all cylinders. I can’t answer exactly why that is.”

It’s important to point out that there are few things more annoying than “anonymous sources.”

Since the source won’t put his name on his words, it’s hard to give the quotes too much credibility.

The comments could absolutely be true. Or the whole story could just be a bunch of BS.

What do you think? 

Would it surprise you if Verlander is a diva who helped ruin the Mets season?

Or do you think the “anonymous source” is just a disgruntled teammate with a bone to pick?