Mike McCarthy Is PISSED That Micah Parsons Keeps Hitting Dak Prescott In Practice

(Source: tmz.com / Getty Composite)

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is gearing up for what could be a historic 2023 season, but his enthusiasm for rushing the passer in practice has landed him in hot water with Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

Despite his impressive credentials as one of the best pass-rushers in the NFL, Parsons has drawn criticism for repeatedly hitting starting quarterback Dak Prescott in practice.

Parsons, who has already earned first-team All-Pro selections in his first two seasons, is known for his dominant performances on the field. He co-led the NFL in quarterback pressures last season and recorded an impressive 13.5 sacks, making him a dangerous force on the Cowboys defense.

At training camp in Oxnard, California, Parsons expressed his excitement for the upcoming season, particularly with the addition of cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, to the defense that was already a top-five scoring unit in 2022.

He even went as far as comparing the potential of their defense to not only the league’s current best (San Francisco), but also the legendary 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

However, his eagerness to improve and simulate game-like scenarios in practice led him to commit a cardinal sin: hitting the starting quarterback, Dak Prescott.

Quarterbacks are protected during practice with red jerseys to signal that they should not be hit, but Parsons was caught multiple times hitting Prescott low, raising concerns for the star quarterback’s health.

McCarthy, in his 30th year as an NFL coach, expressed his disappointment with Parsons’ actions, emphasizing the importance of discipline and adhering to practice ethics. He made it clear that hitting the quarterback in practice is strictly prohibited, and Parsons’ actions as a “#1 violator” have drawn McCarthy’s ire.

Parsons, on the other hand, admitted to being aware of McCarthy’s disapproval but remains undeterred in his approach. He sees each practice as an opportunity to push himself to the limits and simulate game-day scenarios to better prepare for the upcoming season.

“I challenge myself and push myself to the limits, preparing myself for my mental space for where I want to be Sunday, Monday, and Thursday,” Parsons said.

“That’s my mindset. Every day is a game. Every day is to work on my craft and show what I can do. Every day is important. I get warnings every day. But you know, I’ve always been wanting to push towards that line.”

Despite his commitment to improvement, Parsons’ offseason focus was on becoming a more technically-sound pass rusher, refining his hands, footwork, and vision. He believes his experience and additional practice reps will play a crucial role in his development.

“The conditioning and the tempo of it all, that’s the key part.. I could play like seven or eight quarters. I could play two games if I have to,” Parsons confidently asserted.

As the Cowboys eagerly await the regular season and Parsons’ disruptive presence on the field, they understand the importance of Prescott’s health going into week 1.

While they want him to continue destroying opposing quarterbacks, they hope Parsons will exercise a little more smarts and discipline during practice to protect Prescott from any unnecessary hits and injuries.

Do you think Parsons is acting recklessly – or do you like his “push the limit” mentality?

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