Mike Greenberg Urges Jets To Trade For Pro Bowl QB To Save Season (& It Makes Perfect Sense!)

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg is a well-known New York Jets fan. Like many others, he was absolutely devastated when Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon on Gang Green’s very first series of the season. 

What’s most frustrating for Jets fans is the fact that they have a pretty damn good team. With Rodgers at the helm, they were legitimate Super Bowl contenders for the first time in a longgg time.

Now, with backup quarterback (and former #2 overall pick) Zach Wilson in charge, reality has sat in that the season, big-picture-wise, is likely over.

Maybe one day Wilson can become a franchise quarterback. (Yes, it’s highly unlikely, but still possible.) However, that day certainly won’t come this year.

The last thing the Jets want to do is punt away the season just because Rodgers is out. Which is exactly why they should aggressively pursue a true win-now quarterback who can help them make the run at the Super Bowl that they were originally planning for. 

Greenberg mentioned one quarterback in particular that the Jets should go after – and he would be perfect in more ways than one – Kirk Cousins.

“Call the Vikings and beg them to trade you Kirk Cousins!”

Cousins is one of the most underrated players of this generation. For some reason, it just hasn’t worked out in Minnesota for him – and the Vikings are giving off vibes that they are ready to move on from him.

The Jets trading for Cousins would give Minnesota a chance to acquire valuable draft capital, rather than seeing Cousins walk for nothing as a free-agent after the season. 

On that note, Cousins would be a one-year rental for the Jets. They wouldn’t be tied to him in any way following the season. In other words, he wouldn’t be in the way of Rodgers coming back in 2024. (Maybe sooner, if you believe Aaron.)

At 0-2, the Vikings still have plenty of time to turn things around. However, they could be enticed by Jets General Manager Joe Douglas should he make them an offer they can’t refuse. 

It’s challenging to drop a quarterback into a brand-new offense in the middle of the season. However, anyone who’s familiar with Cousins knows damn well that he will bust his ass day and night to learn and master Nathaniel Hackett’s offense as quickly as possible.

It’s hard to imagine Cousins not being successful with the Jets. Given their stacked roster, Captain Kirk would make Gang Green legitimate Super Bowl contenders once again. (Although, it’s worth noting that their offensive line needs improving.)

Do you think the Jets should try to trade for Cousins?

If not, what should they do at quarterback? Carson Wentz? Nick Foles?

Or stick with Wilson?!?