Kelce Hurts Swift – and NFL fans are loving it!

Sometimes the stars align, and someone is right there ready to take a photo.

In an unforgettable moment from Monday night’s NFL showdown, Philadelphia Eagles stars Jason Kelce, Jalen Hurts, and D’Andre Swift unwittingly created a humorous and serendipitous scene.


The game, a highly anticipated rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs, held special significance, especially considering the Eagles’ previous loss to the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.

The scene of amusement unfolded when ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III captured a photo showcasing the Eagles’ trio in a unique alignment. The photo, which quickly went viral, showed the names on their jerseys lined up in an unexpected sequence: “Kelce Hurts Swift.”

This alignment humorously coincided with the publicized relationship between Kansas City star tight end Travis Kelce and the globally adored Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift, a topic that has been a hot conversation piece throughout the season.

Fans and social media users couldn’t help but revel in the humor of the situation, as the image spread across platforms, garnering a wave of entertaining responses.

On the field, the Eagles demonstrated resilience and skill, overcoming a 10-point deficit in the second half. They outscored the Chiefs 14-0, sealing a sweet 21-17 victory. This win was particularly satisfying for the Eagles, as it served as a form of redemption for their heart-wrenching loss in the Super Bowl.

With this triumph, the Eagles fortified their position as a top contender in the NFL, boosting their record to an impressive 9-1, the best in the league. Meanwhile, the Chiefs, now standing at 7-3, are gearing up to bounce back in their upcoming game against the AFC West rival Las Vegas Raiders.

The Eagles, riding high on their victory, are set to host Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills this Sunday, continuing their pursuit of excellence in a season already marked by memorable moments.