Heat Ratchets Up On Eagles HC Nick Sirianni As He Arrogantly Defends Struggling Offense … Has Philly Been Exposed??

The Philadelphia Eagles are facing tough questions amid a three-game losing streak that has seen both their offense and defense falter.

After the recent replacement of defensive coordinator Sean Desai with Matt Patricia, the Eagles suffered a heartbreaking 20-17 defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night.

Over the last three games, they’ve managed to score only 49 points while allowing a whopping 95 … Clearly, it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia (sorry).

Head coach Nick Sirianni faced questions about the decision to make a defensive coaching change while maintaining the offensive status quo, despite the severe struggles.

“We have to put the players in more positions to create explosive plays,” Sirianni said. “But make no mistake about it, this offense is being run the exact same way the offense was run last year and the year before that.”

“This offense is my offense, right? This is my offense. So, the criticism on the offense I think unfairly goes to Brian (Johnson) … The criticism on this offense should come at me because this is my offense,” he added. 

Sirianni went on to emphasize that despite recent struggles, the offensive approach remains consistent with the previous two seasons.

However, something is clearly wrong.

Analysts and former players have routinely been expressing just how simple and predictable the offense has been exposed to be. 

“There are different things you do based on your personnel and different things you do based on the teams that you are playing and what’s working for you,” Sirianni explained.

“But again, it all starts there with me. So I guess I’m not thinking that a change needs to be made there for multiple reasons, and that’s one big one.”

Despite the mounting pressure and criticism, Sirianni remained steadfast in his conviction, stating that he is “not worried” about the team’s recent struggles.

Up next is a clash against the rival New York Giants on Christmas day … Despite Big Blue’s ugly season, it’s safe to say that game will have a few eyeballs on it, eh?

What are your thoughts on the Eagles?

Have they, along with Sirianni, been exposed?

Do you give them any chance to make legitimate noise this postseason???