Greg Jennings Shocks Football World With His Super Bowl Dark-Horse Pick

As the dust settled on the aftermath of the Denver Broncos disastrous 2022 season, a cloud of skepticism hung over the franchise as they attempted to wash off the stink.

With the appointment of Sean Payton as the new head coach and the determination of Russell Wilson to shed the shadows of his nightmare 2022 season, hope is glimmering on the horizon.

Having said that, there’s still a ton of work to do, and no one knows that more than Payton.

Former NFL star Greg Jennings stepped into the spotlight with an audacious assertion that set tongues wagging and eyebrows arching.

“This,” Jennings declared on the set of First Things First, his words resonating like a rallying cry, “is my dark horse Super Bowl team,” referring to the Broncos. 

He elaborated, painting a vivid portrait of redemption and resurgence.

“Russell Wilson is coming back with a vengeance,” Jennings insisted. “What makes me believe that [is] he’s in shape.. He is prepared, he is not taking this offseason for granted like I feel like he did last season.”

“Look, he has weapons,” he continued. “It was a lack of him performing at the level they believe he would perform at. Simply put. He can play, he will bounce back, he has Sean Payton. This is a playoff team. You can mark it in your books.”

Yet, in the midst of Jennings’ impassioned declaration, a reality check loomed.

The scars of last season ran deep, etched into the hearts of fans and analysts alike. The memory of a mere five victories, an ignominious finish at the bottom of the AFC, cast a long shadow.

Time will tell how Jennings’ bold proclamation plays out.

How do you think the Broncos will do this season?

Are they a Super Bowl contender?