“FINAL STRAW”: Wild Report Details Ongoing Chaos At Colorado As Several Players Leave Due To Deion Playing “Daddy Ball” … Do You Buy It??

Love them or hate them, the Colorado Buffaloes sure do provide a lot of content and entertainment, don’t they?

(Imagine saying that two years ago???)

The latest episode in the drama series surrounds a report that Buffs’ players were allegedly threatened with punishment if they chose not to attend a Lil Wayne concert on campus. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

The report stated that that proved to be the breaking point for several players who ended up leaving the program.

In April, Lil Wayne performed during the Buffaloes’ Spring Game weekend, an event that drew attention not only for the rapper’s presence but also for its implications on the team.

Deion Sanders, entering his second season as the Colorado head coach, is a close friend of Lil Wayne.

According to a report from Athlon Sports, “Coach Prime” insisted that all players attend the concert. The report states that Sanders even “threatened to dismiss anyone who skipped out.”

One source from within the team told Athlon Sports: “The Wayne concert was the final straw for a few players who hit the transfer portal.

“When Coach Prime told us we all had to be there to support Shedeur as a rapper, they were not happy at all. To be honest, it was nothing but a huge distraction and Daddy Ball was being played.”

Deion Sanders’ son, Shedeur Sanders, performed his single “Perfect Timing” at the concert with Lil Wayne.

This event was seen as a major distraction by some players, contributing to the departure of nearly three dozen players via the transfer portal this offseason.

Sanders, who joined the Buffaloes after a stint at Jackson State where he secured two SWAC Championships, signed a lucrative five-year deal worth $29.5 million.

His arrival brought several significant changes, including bringing over Shedeur and other Jackson State stars to Boulder.

Colorado had a disastrous 2023 season which saw them finish the year on a six-game losing streak.

They were 4-8 overall but 1-8 in the Pac-12, good for last place in the final year of the conference’s existence.

They hope to bounce back this season but face the challenges of transitioning to a new conference (Big 12) while trying to overcome the void left by all of the players who hit the transfer portal.

It should be noted that Coach Prime has denied the allegations that anyone who skipped the concert faced punishment.

“This is one of the best lies I’ve heard. God bless u and I pray u sleep well tonight because we are. Lawd JESUS,” he posted on X.

Other members of the Colorado program have also shot down the report…

Regardless of who you chose to believe, Sanders and the Buffs continue to march towards to the 2024 season.

Their schedule will be the following…


Sept. 7: at Nebraska

Sept. 14: at Colorado State

Sept. 21: BAYLOR

Sept. 28: at Central Florida


Oct. 19: at Arizona


Nov. 9: at Texas Tech

Nov. 16: UTAH

Nov. 23: at Kansas


What are your thoughts on the report?

Do you believe that players who chose to skip the concert faced punishment?

Or do you think the “sources” who made the claims were just players who felt jilted?

More importantly, what are your expectations for Sanders and the Buffs this coming season?

Will they be all bark, no bite once again? … Or do you think they could potentially be a dark-horse playoff team???