ESPN’s Booger McFarland Criticizes College Football Playoff Selection Committee, Labeling It A ‘Travesty’ On Live TV (Video)

As the excitement builds for four teams who have earned their spots in the quest for the national college football title, there’s a somber mood at Florida State, the undefeated ACC champion, who finds themselves on the outside looking in.

The College Football Playoff selection committee made its choice, and Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama secured their places in the competition for the coveted CFP National Championship. Meanwhile, Florida State, despite an impeccable record as an undefeated Power Five conference champion, didn’t make the cut.

ESPN’s Booger McFarland minced no words in expressing his discontent with the decision. He described it as a “complete travesty” for the sport, emphasizing that the essence of the game is to win, regardless of whether it’s through offensive or defensive prowess. McFarland questioned the selection process, particularly highlighting the disparity between Alabama’s one loss and Florida State’s unblemished record.

On the other hand, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit had a different perspective. Herbstreit dismissed the significance of being undefeated, stating that it means “nothing” to him. He raised the question of whether Florida State, especially without quarterback Jordan Travis, was currently one of the best four teams.

Florida State’s journey to the ACC title and an undefeated season was marred by the loss of their starting quarterback to injury. Many experts believe this setback had a significant impact on their chances, regardless of their undefeated status.

While Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama emerged as the top four teams with their respective conference championships, Florida State finds itself as the No. 5 seed. They are set to face the formidable two-time defending national champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, in the Orange Bowl.