CFB Insider Reveals Shocking Information On The Future Of Jim Harbaugh … Is This His Final Season In Ann Arbor??

Everyone wants to know – Will Jim Harbaugh stay or will he go?

It’s not a story that’s overshadowing the upcoming College Football Playoff – but it’s coming close to it, as more and more reports are coming out suggesting that this is Harbaugh’s final go-round with the Wolverines. 

It’s been quite a rollercoaster season for Harbaugh to say the least … From his multiple suspensions to his triumphant return to the team and town that loves him so much. 

But are his days in Ann Arbor coming to an end???

According to FOX Sports insider Bruce Feldman, there’s a very real chance that this is it for Big Jim. 

“There’s a much better chance that Jim Harbaugh is coaching his last game [than Nick Saban]. He’s flirted with the NFL the previous two offseasons. In fact, he went and interviewed with the Minnesota Vikings on signing day, no less, two years ago. Then, last year, he was in the mix with the Broncos job and ultimately turned it down,” Feldman said. 

“(Michigan has) been through a lot. (Harbaugh) told me when I saw him in the summer that they were going to break Georgia’s record and have 20 guys drafted off this team, and they’re going to have a lot of guys drafted off this team … The nucleus is going to move on to the NFL,” Feldman said. 

Another factor in Harbaugh’s upcoming decision might be the fact that the NCAA undoubtedly has it out for him. 

The NCAA doesn’t like coaches that rock the boat – and Harbaugh has never been one to toe the company line. 

He may be growing sick and tired of being unfairly targeted. 

Feldman suggested that the Los Angeles Chargers could be a potential landing spot for Harbaugh, especially after reports indicated that the franchise is more than prepared to make an enormous offer.

There’s also the well-known fact that Harbaugh is in love with quarterback Justin Herbert.

Before we dive further into all the rumors and speculation, there is a pretty big game to play.

Of course, I’m referring to Michigan’s epic Playoff matchup against the Alabama Crimson Tide on New Years Day … Harbaugh vs. Saban for the right to play for the national championship – Does it get any better than that?

Who do you think will win – the Wolverines or the Tide?

As far as Harbaugh is concerned, do you think this is indeed his final season in Ann Arbor???