BUSTED: Former MLB MVP Arrested For Allegedly Passing Bad Checks

Former six-time All-Star shortstop and 2002 AL MVP Miguel Tejada finds himself entangled in legal turmoil within his native Dominican Republic.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Tejada following allegations of attempting to settle a substantial debt with a bad check amounting to $9 million.

MLB insider Hector Gomez revealed the grave situation, shedding light on the warrant that stems from a complaint filed by Henry Soto Lara.

Lara claims that Tejada attempted to resolve the sizable financial obligation with a check that ultimately bounced.

Local news outlet ElDia.com delved deeper into the matter, highlighting Tejada’s previous run-ins with the law regarding bad checks. The publication recalled an incident in 2019 when Tejada received a suspended one-year prison sentence for issuing bad checks.

The court also mandated a payment of 3.5 million pesos to cover legal expenses and an additional 200,000 pesos as compensation.

Tejada, who amassed a staggering $96 million in earnings during his illustrious MLB career, now appears to be facing severe financial strain. Recent estimates peg his net worth at a mere $40,000, indicating a drastic decline from his peak earning years.

The 49-year-old former MVP, whose standout year came in 2002 with the Oakland Athletics, has had a storied career spanning 16 seasons across six teams.

Tejada’s remarkable journey included All-Star selections during his stints with the Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, and Houston Astros. His contributions to the game were also highlighted by a career total of 307 home runs and a notable slash line of .285/.336/.456.

While Tejada’s legacy on the baseball field is unquestionable, his recent legal woes and financial missteps threaten to overshadow his accomplishments.